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A democratic system owned by its users, Cros is an open-source project created to enable a decentralized web and better society. Anyone can contribute.



The strength and resilience of a blockchain's capacity is in line with that of its validators. Validators secure the network by staking $CROS tokens, validating proof collectors, and participating in consensus with other validators.



New validators will be chosen every 24 hours on mainnet. You will need to get some $CROS from the faucet. If you have more $CROS than the lowest staked validator or there is an open validator slot, you can register to be staked!

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In addition to any usual CLI parameters that you run Cros with, you'll need to add an extra two:

  • --validator This tells your node to try to validate when it sees itself as a listed authority on the network

  • --key <SEED> This provides your node with a secret key that lets it know whether it's a listed authority on the network, and, if it is, lets it sign statements to authorise the creation of new blocks

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