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Cros: helping make Metaverses massive

Everyone agrees that the Metaverse will be gigantic - Goldman Sachs expects the Metaverse market to witness a meteoric growth to reach $8 Trillion, and Morgan Stanley argues that this will be China’s Metaverse market alone. Whilst some opinions may differ on exactly how huge the Metaverse will become, everybody agrees that advertising and commerce will be the main driving forces in fuelling this colossal growth.

But how can advertising and commerce power the Metaverse without the proper infrastructure and standards for advertising and cross-organization collaboration?

Without it, these new worlds will be the stage for compromised data exchanges, complicated transformations, a lack of traceability and shared truth, and flawed compliance processes that are riddled with conflicts of interests, the requirement for centralized intermediaries - the list of problems would be endless.

Cros is here to change all of that - a decentralized cross-org collaboration platform using blockchain smart contracts to empower Metaverses to execute business value chains with all their partners in full traceability and in a trustless, tamper-proof manner.

Cros sets out to do for Web 3.0 what Google and Facebook have done for Web 2.0, and we’re led by the right people to do exactly that. At the head of Cros are our 3 Co-Founders, each with a wealth of experience:

- Ajay Bhandari, a scholarly engineer and former Chief Architect at Google & Microsoft.

- IM Shousha, former Technology Consultant at PwC & Deloitte with deep expertise in mega blockchain implementations.

- Hussein Abdelkarim, former Founder CEO at Rocket Internet and a serial entrepreneur with a proven history of building successful technology companies.

With the vision of Ajay, Shousha, and Hussein, Cros will build the advertising infrastructure for the Metaverse and standardize the way in which advertising and commerce exists on the Metaverse.

Cros will set the stage for the global adoption of the Metaverse and support the advertising and commerce that will fuel its growth through innovative and standard setting products - the first of which being the Metaverse Ad bidding Platform.

The Metaverse Ad Bidding Platform will connect Metaverses with Advertisers through an intuitive and automated process and comes with advanced DeFi and Data verification capabilities to create an interconnected blockchain economy and enabling the Metaverse communities to earn from advertising, and unlocking new heights for the play to earn economy.

Our second product will further unlock the power of advertising and commerce for the communities of the Metaverse; the Cros P2E Marketplace. The Marketplace will set the mode for the lending and renting of in-game assets (NFTs), bringing them a new way to make passive income, and growing the economy of Metaverse by bringing a way for gamers to rent assets and use them to earn, making Metaverses - and making money from them - more accessible for all.

We're excited to innovate and light the way for a bright future on the Metaverse, and bring the Metaverse market to the gargantuan growth that all expect it to reach.

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