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Cros: The Journey So Far, and the Exciting Road Ahead.

As we step into a new year, find out more about what Cros has come to thus far and the plans for 2022.

Can you imagine it’s only been a year? We can remember when our journey started, back in January 2021, like it was yesterday. It was then when our team immersed itself into market research, developed the concept behind Cros, and started to bring the Cros vision into existence.

In the course of the first quarter, we gathered that cross-organizational collaboration between Metaverses, NFT Platforms, Gaming P2E Platforms, Defi protocols and other crypto entities is either non-existent or inefficient. Just like any emerging ecosystem, DeFi is plagued with missing pieces that if found would make the lives of these brilliant innovators a lot easier - and their businesses more secure.

During the R&D exercise, we were met with an ecosystem full of flawed compliance processes fuelled by conflicts of interests which usually lead to unfortunate losses. This is all due to unclear standards or processes for the exchange of assets and liquidity between these organizations. These gaps cost a lot of money as well as privacy.

We are firm believers of collaboration. After the R&D, we set out to expand on the network of partners in our ecosystem. We partnered with Polygon, upon which our tech is built, and we continue to join forces with other players in the space. Together, we aim on reinforcing compliance and leaving no business process behind.

In the light of our research adventures, we decided that Cros is Ethereum’s layer 2 protocol and framework for collaboration between organizations using blockchain smart contracts. Cros will be able to empower organizations — no matter their niche — to execute their business process in an environment that provides them with full traceability, and in a trustless and tamper-proof manner. In addition, thanks to our advanced on/off ramp integrations, Cros is creating an interconnected blockchain economy.

Cros is a toolbox for thousands of use cases, but one key use case that we are infatuated with is hosting virtual events and advertising on the metaverse. As the entire world drops its jaw on the new hemisphere that evolved to bring about new opportunities as well as challenges, Cros wants to prepare all players on the Metaverse with services and tools that would both make their businesses more lucrative in the eyes of multinational brands as well as safeguard their business execution processes.

We have big ambitions for the year ahead. 2022 will be the year we release our initial DEX offering, launch our proof of concept, build the Cros NFTs ad bidding platform as a form of financing tool for all manner of protocols and Metaverse stakeholders. The ad bidding platform will be launched in the form of a decentralized app, or dApp, grouped with a set of smart contracts on Polygon.

Once live, Cros’ platform and protocol will be interoperable with other blockchains using bridges that outline minting and burning procedures so that the token supply can be constant between different platforms. We will also be busy developing layer 2 capabilities to support a mix of layer 2 solutions like rollups, state channels, Eth2 sharding, among others. There will be plenty more to come on this in the future — so stay tuned!

When Cros is fully interoperable and powered with layer 2 solutions, our tech team will be busy building modular and composable capabilities in the form of smart contracts and SDKs based on app, protocol and network layer aptitudes. This will target advanced DeFi integrations such as on/off ramp, liquidity, discovery, and escrow services. The capabilities of Cros will also encompass assets exchange (e.g.: data, KYB, SLA, etc.) as well as gaming and NFTs.

As 2022 is upon us, as is the thriving emergence of Web 3.0, we’re focused on being active and integral to the birth of this new world of untapped potential. Cros is here to facilitate this future and orchestrate the business value chains that arise with it. Here’s to a ground-breaking 2022!

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