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Cros: How to take advantage of the endless opportunities of advertising on the Metaverse

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

Get to know the Metaverse and advertising specific toolkit that Cros is introducing to empower all.

Everyone is trying to catch the first-movers train to the Metaverse, and be among the first to be part of a soon-to-be $2.5 trillion industry - one that has unimaginable dimensions of scaling. There is no doubt that these virtual worlds will be fuelled by a new generation of digital marketing and advertising. The sharks of the traditional world will come to hunt for billion dollar opportunities with platforms and networks on the Metaverse - and they’ll have to be ready.

Cros is your ticket onboard for just that - with advanced DeFi integrations, Cros provides its users with an ad bidding event prior to a virtual event happening in the Metaverse. This virtual event can be anything - a game, sports event, a party, music concert, a fashion show, or any other event with virtual attendees. Although virtual events are in their embryonic phase, exploring their potentials and capabilities, one thing we know is that the size of their attendance is heavily driven by the demand for the event as well as the marketing activities and cross-org collaboration between the event organizer and the various sponsors interested in having a virtual billboard - for example - in the event.

Cros’ ad bidding platform is dedicated to a limited allocation of NFTs. In plain English, potential sponsors or the bidders will compete for virtual assets tied to the virtual event such as billboards, wearables, giveaways and hence the supply of such assets is constrained spatially and temporally to the event in a metaverse.

In the form of a decentralized application (dApp), the ad bidding platform will be powered by a set of smart contracts. A consensus mechanism is designed for bid selection and settlement with protocol tokens used to incentivize and promote honest behaviour among participants, and on the other hand punish and banish malicious and non-compliant activities.

Through Cros, virtual events and businesses, be they physical brands or metaverse merchants, can thus target the sale and purchase of collectibles through exchange of NFTs in the metaverse, in a way that ensures that everyone on the business value chain is guaranteed to have their business processes executed correctly, efficiently and at a low-cost rate.

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