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Cros: The Platform Fuelling the Future

We are designing the way in which Advertising will look in the Metaverse, opening the gates for Advertising and Commerce to unleash their full power within the realms of Web3 and the Metaverse and ushering in a new digital age. Here’s a short introduction into Cros.

Cros will act as the infrastructure for Advertising on the Metaverse and setting the standards for what Advertising will look through the our products, the first of which being the Metaverse Ad Bidding Platform - a gamechanger for Metaverses, Advertisers, and Communities alike.

The Cros Platform will connect Advertisers with Metaverses and allow them to place Ads within the Metaverse - and will allow you a new way to make passive income on the Metaverses that you love.

To Advertisers, it will be a revolutionary Advertising Management platform, doing for Web3 what Google Ads and Facebook’s Advertising Manager have done for Web2.

For communities on the Metaverse who want to take advantage of passive income, the platform will act like an NFT Marketplace that will rival the Markets of OpenSea and LooksRare - a place for them to buy and trade Advertising Assets that are connected with Ads; allowing them to earn through Advertising.

We’re excited to bring you a truly revolutionary platform - make sure to stay tuned as we draw closer to sharing the details about our upcoming launch and unleashing a plethora of exciting partnerships and announcements in the weeks ahead.

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