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How Crowdfunding Platforms Can Max Out on Funds using Cros

There’s an endless sea of opportunities that crowdfunding platforms live amongst - with a layer 2 protocol like Cros, these opportunities won’t go to waste.

It’s as simple as this; people want and need money. Crowdfunding emerged on this notion, providing creatives and entrepreneurs with a democratized form of funding and taking a small percentage of the funds collected in return. Pretty fair deal! However, a democracy in a centralized system isn’t really sustainable.

A few weeks ago, crowdfunding platform Kickstarter broke the news that they’re planning on a migration to Celo’s blockchain. “We are entering a significant moment for alternative governance models, and we think there's an important opportunity to advance these efforts using the blockchain,” Kickstarter’s co-founders said.

Kickstarter on the blockchain poises as a massive opportunity for cross-org collaboration coming back and forth with the organization. However, having these collaborations done the traditional way, a mix of sloppy offline and online communication, creates lots of room for human errors and malicious behaviours.

What Cros can offer for crowdfunding platforms on the blockchain is a decentralized, secure, and tamper-proof cross-org collaboration platform. Being a layer 2 protocol and a framework for collaboration makes Cros especially useful between decentralized organizations, thanks to its blockchain smart contracts.

These compliance-by-design smart contracts monitor the business process and make sure partners act according to the agreement. This empowers MetaVerses, NFT Platforms, DeFi Protocols, Crowdfunding and Gaming Platforms - just to name a few examples - to execute their business value chain with full traceability and in a trustless and tamper-proof environment.

With Cros, Kickstarter and other crowdfunding platforms can make the most out of partnerships without worrying about how the business execution would go, and most importantly without putting their resources in jeopardy.

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