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The Metaverse: Easily Explained

The Metaverse is absolutely everywhere. You’ve probably heard it said by family, friends, co-workers - and you’ve definitely seen it mentioned on Facebook (now Meta) and Twitter (still Twitter) when you scroll through your phone at work thinking your boss is unaware. Fun fact, your boss has probably seen the word Metaverse too - when he’s scrolling through his phone and hiding it from his boss. The point is that everyone has heard about the Metaverse. But do you - or your boss - know what it actually means?

The word Metaverse is often accompanied by a lot of other futuristic lingo and jargon - so it can be difficult to understand what it actually is. You can think of the realization of the Metaverse as a series of online worlds and spaces that are live 24/7 for you to hop on - they can be for work, meetings, shopping, gaming with friends - the possibilities are endless. So endless in fact, that we could probably spend most of your lives in them - and many of us probably will.

Comparisons can be drawn to the Metaverse in games like Minecraft, Roblox, Second Life and even Runescape - on all of which you can build houses, own assets, trade items and experience new lives - but it makes perfect sense for Crypto to be the home of the Metaverse, with blockchain technology having the ideal foundations on which to build brave new worlds. To this end, games like The Sandbox and Decentraland have led the way - showing how these worlds can exist, fuelled by cryptocurrency and empowered by NFTs.

The names are quite fitting too - Sandbox and Decentraland are sandbox games, decentralized lands that you can explore. You can use them to connect with people in these different worlds - with friends in their houses, at events and festivals with celebrities, and even with companies and brands in the shopping centres and galleries of these lands. You can own NFTs as assets in these worlds too - including owning NFTs of the virtual land of the worlds themselves.

The NFTs that Cros is focusing on are Advertising NFTs, NFTs that can exist in the worlds like Decentraland and Sandbox and seen by everyone in there - displaying Ads from the biggest brands in the business. You can own these NFTs too, earning real passive income from the Ads in these virtual worlds. All of this will be facilitated by the Cros platform - which is being built by our innovative experts to change the game for games and Metaverses, and is coming to you in 2022.

This is the Advertising Infrastructure for the Metaverse - allowing everyone to earn from the power of Advertising. Whilst the Metaverse may be confusing for some, it's set to make a lot more sense for everyone, with Cros setting the standards and standardizing the way things will work in this new age.

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