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Cros Product Roadmap

R&D and Market Research

Cros research and development (R&D) includes activities that Cros undertake to innovate and introduce new products and services. It is the first stage in the development process. The goal is to take new products and services to market and add to the company's growth and improve our offerings, as well as allow Cros to stay ahead of its competition.

Partnership Network

Stakeholder Engagement process by which Cros learn from and respond to partners network to assess the value and make informed strategic decisions. Partnership Building is a way for our organization to expand its capacity and value across the expanding network of stakeholders. Building Cros extensive partnership network will engage employees, clients, community, and business network. Together we can cement new partnerships that bring mutual benefits.

Develop Use Cases

Powering the Metaverses Economy with Cros Combinatorial NFTs ad Bidding Platform. The MetaVerse market will witness a meteoric growth to reach $2.5 Trillions, with advertising fueling this growth. Cros will connect publishers with advertisers and agencies. Unlocking new heights for the play-to-earn economy.

Initial DEX Offering

Launch Proof of Concept

Building an NFTs Ad bidding platform for metaverses in the form of dApp with a set of Smart Contracts on Polygon. The bidding platform for limited allocation of NFTs. The bidding is by potential advertisers for virtual assets tied to the virtual event (like billboards, wearables) and hence the supply of such assets is constrained spatially & temporally to the event in a metaverse.

Modularity Capabilities

Building modular & composable capabilities targeting advanced DeFi integrations (on/off ramp, liquidity discovery, escrow, etc), Assets Exchange (Data, KYB, SLA, etc) as well as Gaming and NTFs. This will be in form of smart contracts and SDKs based on app, protocol, and network layer capabilities.

Scalability & Interoperability

Making our platform & protocol interoperable with other blockchains using bridges. And developing Layer 2 capabilities  to support mix of layer 2 solutions like rollups, state channels, Eth2 sharding, etc.

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