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AI DecentralizedIn-Game Advertising 

Cros enables developers to monetize their games and advertisers to reach players across mobile, PC, console, and gaming metaverses with non-disruptive ads that are part of the gameplay.


Innovative blockchain platform

Cros connects publihsers and advertisers to collaborate and securely execute their business process without trusted intermediaries. Empowering them to integrate with their IT infrastructure and Cloud ERPs, while preserving data guardianship and maintaining control.

Compliance by design

Cros translates existing collaborative process models to smart contracts and ensures that the process is secure and is executed correctly. The smart contracts check compliance before changing the state of a process, and provide a single source of truth to all participants, affording full traceability.

Transactional economy

The $CROS token powers the Cros ecosystem, fueling the creation of a transactional economy across MetaVerse buyers and sellers, allowing users to earn value and to spend it on services that are internal to the Cros ecosystem.

Tamper-proof system

Information on the blockchain will interact with and respond to each other efficiently and safely, thanks to Cros' revolutionary data availability and validity scheme. Brands, NFT platforms, DeFi protocols, Gaming platforms, and more would be able to maintain independence while being armed in a secure manner.

Democratic governance

Featuring a governance system of the future, Cros gives everyone has a voice. On Cros network, upgrades are coordinated on-chain and in turn, validated autonomously. This guarantees that any forks in the road are cleared, each and every development is ensured to be legitimate and reflect the decision of the community.

Scalable transaction

Cros assigns a crew of validators to safeguard the blockchains on the network, providing an unprecedented transactional scalability by spreading transactions across multiple parallel blockchains. Cros solves pain points associated with Blockchains, like high gas fees and slow speeds, without sacrificing on security.

Powering the Cros Network

The CROS token serves 4 distinct purposes:  governance over the network, payments, staking, and validation. A democratic system owned by its users.


Given that the organization is the root of the solution, $CROS holders will have significant control over the protocol, whereby they will be able to participate in exceptional events such as protocol upgrades and fixes.


The CROS token is an atomic unit of value exchange inside the Cros ecosystem, being the payment currency for MetaVerses, NFT platforms, DeFi protocols, and all value chain participants. Resulting in the creation of a transactional economy between buyers and sellers.


The platform is designed using game theory to incentivize $CROS holders to behave honestly and secure the network. Good players will be rewarded by this mechanism and bad players will be fined and ultimately lose their stake.


The network selects validators to verify each transaction on the blockchain to safeguard your data. Validators make sure that all activities on the network reflect the values of the community, which creates a democratic system owned by its users.

Learn more about the CROS token

The Cros platform is for everyone

The Cros platform is for everyone

The Cros platform provides a single source of truth and full traceability
for its users. One platform to unite all business value chains processes.


Cros combines the best of Ethereum and sovereign blockchains into a pioneering cross-org system. Cros solves pain points associated with Blockchains, like high gas fees and slow speeds, without sacrificing on security. 


The Cros platform will enable the Metaverses, Defi, NFTs, to discover liquidity, exchange assets, and orchestrate value chains between them and the community by leveraging on-chain and off-chain verifiable trust. 


Cros is designed from the ground up on blockchain technology, Cros network is supremely secure and transparent.

Cros is open-sourced and encourages input and innovation from invested users around the world.

Who’s building Cros?

Cros is the flagship project by Cros Foundation, which was formed by pioneers from Google, Microsoft, PWC and Deloitte to facilitate a fully functional and user-friendly decentralized web. The Cros Foundation is partnering with best-in-class entities and crypto capital partners to create Cros, and to foster the development of the services and applications that will run on it.

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